Virtual World - Real Economy

Virtual World - Real Economy

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Unimever: The Metaverse virtual world but the real economy

Unimever is a combination of a social network and a real estate and service business platform, allowing users to create their world. The Unimever is a virtual world but real value where players can build, own and monetize their experiences by using $UMV. Unimever participants have access to a wide range of entertainment and business activities within the multi-functional blockchain-based environment.


We positioned Unimever as a metaverse in which users can generate their world, cities, and items. Unimever aims to offer an independent platform where creators can craft, play, share, collect, trade, and do business without central control, enjoying secure ownership of in-game assets with the ability to earn UMV tokens.

Unimever’s greatest benefit is to offer a user-friendly environment with multiple features that enable easy business and entertainment without special skills or knowledge. Thanks to cutting-edge technological advancements in Virtual Real, Unimever will deliver to the world a completely new and simultaneous reality to live and enjoy.

Vision and Mission

Our team’s mission is to build a system that overcomes the limitations of the ability to create, exchange and exclusively own assets with the potential for high returns in a safe economy. Unimever focuses extensively on benefit generation for users of all levels, immersive social interactions, and multiple ways to monetize by users, advertisers, and businesses.

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Unimever’s Architecture

In the Unimever, there is a finite amount of land. Players can refer to the location of the Land and choose for themselves the most suitable Land. The more beautiful the plots of Land, the greater the value.
Unimever’s Architecture is divided into 6 different areas based on the real-world contents of the tile:

  • Public Sector
  • Residential Area
  • Business Center
  • Game and Entertainment
  • Innovation Area
  • Advertising Space
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Real-estate investment

The core of the Unimever platform is to invest in virtual land. As true NFT owners, our users can trade their land on their terms. Each owner is free to pursue whatever strategy best suits their needs to be able to invest and make a profit from the assets they own.

Construct and upgrade

Users can construct structures such as stores, buildings, offices, stadiums, or even art galleries. They are the first tool to tap into the unlimited profits of the metaverse. Users can build and upgrade by buying NFT building boxes bought from the marketplace.

Service business

Start earning profit by listing the products and services. Users can earn profit by creating and promoting services on their lands and driving sales with diverse advertising campaigns to attract a wide range of customers.

Rent services

Rental Services are provided by creators (photo designers, avatars, or content creators) or service providers (PR services, land rental, house rental, office rental).

Generate and sell NFT assets

Users need to buy NFT materials with intuitive tools and put them together. Or you can use your design skills to customize them. These NFTs will be in the perpetual ownership of the creator. They can sell them on the marketplace.

Meet and negotiate

Not only a place of business, but Unimever is also a place to negotiate between businessmen or simply meet friends. We hope to help users have more new relationships to bring economic benefits and other good things in life.


  • 10% Seed Round
  • 10% Private Sale
  • 3% Public Sale (IDO)
  • 10% Staking
  • 27% In-game Rewards & Airdrop
  • 5% Reserve
  • 20% Team And ADv
  • 5% Liquidity
  • 10% Marketing, Acquisitions, & Licenses

Our ecosystem

Initial assets will be composed of lands, vehicles, avatars, structures, and items. Most items will be represented by NFTs, empowering users to form a decentralized economy for the creation of the metaverse.
Economic System
Unimever aims to be the first metaverse system to provide a virtual economy with components and mechanisms that are almost 100% similar to the real economy. Start by earning a return on your properties, your services, and running your enterprise.
The Marketplace is the trading, buying, and selling environment for NFTs, where they can be given away for free or sold to other players.


Virtual Land

Virtual Land is the property of the owner, which is a non-fungible digital asset. This Land is permanently owned by members of the community and is purchased using UMV, Unimever’s cryptocurrency token. This gives users full control over the assets that they create.


There is a limited quantity of vehicles sold as NFTs. Other than transportation and travel by foot, vehicles owned as NFTs are the only other means of transport that can expedite travel around the metaverse. The initial vehicles include cars, motorcycles, and other commonly utilized modes of transport. Meanwhile, the initial transportation infrastructure will be composed of: airports, and taxi services.


Structures will typically consist of houses, condos, skyscrapers, residential buildings, offices, education centers, recreational centers, and a vast range of other types of buildings. They are used for the purpose of monetization or re-sale.


A part of Unimever is dedicated to giving NFT pet projects utility in the metaverse. Pets can follow you around the world and are visible to all other players. You will also be able to train your pet, leveling it up to gain new abilities.

Other NFT Assets

These are assets created by content creators, users, LAND owners and developers. It can be avatars, vouchers, photos or impressive promotional content. Meaning anything that can be created as an NFT.